Adhesive Tape

Dive into this huge range of adhesive tapes to find the perfect tape for the project. There are tapes used for masking, floor marking, surface protection, packaging and more. These tapes can be supplied in desired sizes.

Industrial Tape

BOPP tapes are industrial tapes available in printed and plain variants. This packaging adhesive tape made from polypropylene can tolerate both cold and hot weather. The grip remains the same irrespective of the climatic condition.

EPE Foam

EPE foam made from plastic has no odor. This light in weight and flexible product finds use in packaging, as it can provide cushioning to the products and absorb all the shock from impact.

Aluminium Foil

Buy from us soft, flexible, and long lasting aluminium foil for personal and industrial purposes. At homes and restaurants, this foil paper is used for wrapping cooked food to prevent it from bacterial attack. It can also be used in industries as cable liners.

White Color Strapping Roll

The pallets are tightly secured using white color strapping roll. With the strapping, goods can be secured with ease and protection while minimizing waste and time spent on securing them

Stretch Wrapping Roll

We have different sizes of stretch wrapping rolls for customers. Using stretch film will keep your loads clean, dry, and protected from environmental elements such as dirt, dust, and moisture.

Bubble Roll

Large bubble rolls are in the offering at great price. Wrapping fragile products with bubble sheet is a great way to protect them. With shock-absorbing properties and abrasion resistance, it offers unparalleled protection. Aside from being lightweight and flexible, it is also extremely strong.

Poly Bag

Buy from us resealable poly bags used to pack small items, including dry fruit, candies, collectible coins, stickers, etc. The transparent bag is light in weight, flexible, economical, and recyclable.


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